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How Does It Work

  • Mon 7th Jan 2013
  • Erin
Picture of hosted pbx how it works

Virtual phone service

The Vox-Link PBX system can work as a virtual phone service to place calls. By using this feature, the recipient of the call will see your company’s Central Business Number as the Caller ID, not that of the phone you are calling from.

The system also lets you limit the number calls on mobile phones using the settings and other options you specify, such as the location the incoming call is coming from, scheduled times when you are available to take business calls, and the list of contacts who are allowed to reach your mobile number. This allows you to maintain some control over the number of calls routed to your cell. Callers can be identified before you answer the call through advanced call voice tagging and call screening methods.

An unlimited number of customized extensions

The Vox-Link Hosted PBX allows you to have, depending on your service plan, from one to over a hundred extensions. Each extension has its own individual call, voicemail, and message settings. This allows the user to route any calls to one or more destinations, such as a work phone, home phone, and/or cell phone. All extensions have their own private address book, customized greetings, and voicemail messages as well as instructions for delivering the message via email, text, or phone.

Types of extensions available under the Vox-Link plan

  • ATA – old-fashioned, analog phones and fax machines can be physically connected to the Analog Telephone Adapter;
  • Virtual - the phone number exists on the cloud and is not linked to any physical device;
  • Softphone - the phone number is controlled by a software program, such as Skype or Facetime, which runs on a computer, smartphone or tablet device;
  • IP phone- the phone number is linked to an Internet phone.

Multiple phone numbers with one easy-to-use service

The Vox-Link service provides your business with a brand new phone number, but your existing business number remains active as well. The system has the capability of managing additional toll-free, local and international numbers. Each number can be set up with its own customized greeting.

A customized auto-attendant greets callers any time – day or night

Callers are greeted by a customized auto-attendant which provides various menu options allowing the caller to reach various departments or individuals. Call routing and greetings can be programmed based on the time of day.

Call routing is managed by the Virtual PBX

Callers are given a choice to directly contact a particular department or individual. The advanced call management system decreases the time callers spend on hold, enhancing the efficiency of the phone system and increasing customer satisfaction.

Call from anywhere there’s a phone or Internet connection

Incoming calls can be received from any type of phone, physical or virtual, in any part of the world. The use of a fast and efficient VoIP service means less money is spent on land lines.

Make calls to any number, whether in-house or long distance

Just pick up the VoIP phone and dial any number. It lets you call other extensions or other phones, even long-distance calls, free of charge.

Unmatched call quality in a safe, secure communications network

The Vox-Link Hosted PBX service provides a telephone system that delivers. The call quality is amazing. And, the Vox-Link service takes the necessary precautions to ensure the most secure and reliable phone service to your business.