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Features of Vox-Link Hosted PBX Page 1

  • Auto-Attendant (Virtual Receptionist)

    The Vox-Link PBX system will automatically answer any incoming calls, eliminating the need for a full-time receptionist. A customizable business greeting will greet the caller and give them various menu options to route their call.
  • Custom Greeting

    Record a number of customized messages to greet your callers, including a welcome message, a voicemail message, and message sequences to be played when the caller is on hold. Each user account can be programmed with unique, customized messages.
  • Call recording

    The Vox-Link PBX system can record calls individually or it can record all calls for later playback. These recordings can be saved and used for employee training and evaluation, sales follow-up, technical support, and/or other requirements.
  • Music On Hold

    Improve your company image by playing music and/or a recorded message to callers while they are on-hold waiting to be connected to an extension.
  • Paging/Intercom

    Simply punch in a code to make a general announcement over the intercom system. Another code provides the capability of a one-way or two-way announcement on one or more phones.
  • Day and Night Modes

    With Vox-Link PBX, you can set up different series of operational rules depending on whether the call is received during regular business hours or after the business has closed for the day.
  • Find Me Follow Me Calling

    Find me, follow me calling allows you to create a list of phone numbers where you are likely to be reached. When someone calls your extension, the system will attempt to reach you by routing the call through to every number on the list. If you specify both a business phone and a cell phone, the system can either call these numbers in sequence or at the same time if that is your preference.
  • Route By Caller ID

    Vox-Link PBX allows you the flexibility of routing incoming calls based on Caller ID. Family members and other frequent callers can be routed directly to their extension of choice without going through the menu system.
  • Conferencing

    Start a conference at any time without having to schedule it in advance.
  • Hunt Groups

    This feature allows you to define a specified extension group in which to "hunt" for the next available agent. Calls can be programmed to cycle through and ring members of the group sequentially or to ring all extensions within the group at one time.
  • Caller ID

    Also known as Calling Line Identification (CLID), this feature displays the caller’s number on your phone before the call is answered.
  • No Busy Signal

    We have thousands of lines, so you never have to worry about missing a call.
  • Central Business Number

    All employees can be conveniently reached through one central telephone number. It makes no difference whether they are working at the central office, their home offices, a branch office, or are out on the road – all calls get routed where they need to go quickly and efficiently.
  • Company Directory

    The company directory is a handy tool for those occasions when the caller doesn't know which extension number their call should be routed to. The caller simply enters the last or first name of the person they are trying to reach on the keypad. In the event that more than one employee has the same name, say “John”, the Vox-Link system will present each name as a numbered menu option, e.g. “For John Doe, press 1”, “For John Black, press 2”, etc.
  • Wake Up Calls

    Simply define a date and time and the Vox-Link PBX system will send out an automatic voice call reminder.
  • ACD Queuing

    ACD, or Automatic Call Distribution, queues are used to distribute incoming calls to a specific agent or agents in a department or call center. ACDs process incoming calls in a first-in, first-out (FIFO) order once the designated recipient become(s) available.
  • Voicemail

    Voice messaging allows callers to leave messages for company personnel staffing the various extensions of the Vox-Link PBX system. Voicemail sent to a particular extension is relayed to a phone or an email address programmed by the recipient. Listen to voicemail messages on your phone or have them sent directly to your email as an .mp3 which can be played on any desktop or mobile device.
  • Route By Date or Time

    You can route incoming calls based on a predefined date or time. So, if you know that Sally starts work an hour before all the other agents arrive, any incoming calls during that period can be routed directly to her.
  • Blind Transfer

    Blind call transfers are calls that are directly transferred to another number without any intervention on the part of the Vox-Link PBX system.
  • Caller ID Blacklist

    This feature allows you to block certain telephone numbers from getting through the system. When a call from a blacklisted phone number is received, it is simply deleted from the queue without any ringing or other signs of a call.
  • Do Not Disturb

    For those times when you are busy and don't want to be disturbed, send your callers directly to your voicemail. Vox-Link PBX allows an extension’s owner to mark their extension as unavailable.
  • Call Waiting

    Call waiting allows you to receive and answer an incoming call, even when you are already on another call. After receiving an alert, you can either put your first caller on hold and answer the second call or send the second call to your voicemail.