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Phone Numbers Pick a Number, Any Number, Virtually Anywhere

Phone Number Portability

Local Numbers

Regardless of where your business is physically located, our hosted PBX service allows you to integrate phone numbers from any area code in the U.S. Virtual phone numbers are available in over 4,000 different cities throughout the country, which gives callers the impression that your business has a local office.

Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free telephone numbers provide instant credibility. Callers are reassured that they are dealing with a reputable firm with the necessary resources to solve their problems. We can provide your business with a toll-free number with any of the following prefixes: 800, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888.

International Numbers

If your business is international in scope, why not provide local numbers in the countries you do business in? Providing local contact numbers makes it easy for international customers to reach you.

Keep your Local Number

Although you’re changing telephone service providers, there’s no need to change your phone number. Under the Federal Communications Commission's "local number portability rules", you can switch service providers for Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), wireless, or landlines and keep your existing phone number as long as your business remains in the same geographic area. Our support staff will guide you through the simple process of porting your existing phone numbers to the Vox-Link system.

Vanity Toll-Free Numbers

Vanity phone numbers make it easier for your customers to reach out to your business. They assist callers in remembering your firm and help reinforce your service, product, and/or slogan for marketing purposes. When choosing a toll-free vanity number, it is important to choose one that is catchy and easy-to-remember as this can have a great impact on your business. Some examples of popular vanity numbers are 1-800-Flowers, 1-800-Taxicab, and 1-800-Insurance.