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Why Choose Vox-Link? Lower cost, more features, and geographical flexibility

VOIP Inital Cost Saving

Initial Cost Savings

No Need for Costly Phone Equipment

With a Vox-Link Hosted PBX service, there is no need to purchase dedicated telephones or customer premise equipment (CPE). In fact, there is no equipment for you to maintain and support whatsoever – we do it all for you!

Hosted PBX Ongoing Cost Saving

Ongoing Cost Savings

Eliminate Ongoing Maintenance Costs

With the Vox-Link system, you will never be held hostage to the expensive repair and replacement fees you’d typically pay for a traditional, premise-based, PBX installation. There are no complex software upgrades that cripple your telecommunications system for hours on end, causing your business to miss out on important opportunities. All equipment, software maintenance and technical support costs are incorporated into one convenient, monthly payment.

VOIP Scalability

The Number of Extensions you Need - When you Need Them!

Unlimited Number of Lines & Extensions

Traditional on-premises phone systems are limited to a fixed number of lines and/or users. Once your business reaches that limit, updating its phone network can be a very expensive proposition. Not so with Vox-Link! Simply place an order for the features and the number of phone extensions you need right now, to handle current volume. Then, as your business grows, you can easily add more lines and extensions with nothing more than a quick call to Vox-Link customer support.

Host PBX Central Business Number

Convenient Central Business Number Relays Calls Where they Need to Go

With Just One Number, You and Your Team Can Be Reached Anywhere

Gone are the days when a company rented a huge office complex into which they would squeeze their entire staff. In today’s competitive business environment, employees, sales personnel, technical support staff, and temporary freelancers could be working anywhere: in the office, at a home office, in their favorite coffee shop, up at 30,000+ feet, stuck in rush-hour traffic or on a beach vacation in Bali! With the amazing Vox-Link technology, it doesn’t matter where your key people happen to be; this intelligent system knows where and how to contact them, quickly and transparently. All the caller needs to make contact is one central business number and the Vox-Link system takes care of the rest!

Virtual PBX Geographical Flexibility

Wherever you Want to Go, There You Are

Maintain a Virtual Office Anywhere You Like

With a Hosted PBX system, you can create a virtual office or maintain a presence in cities where your company has no physical location by simply getting a local virtual number. Callers will assume that if your business number is local, your business is, too!

Professional Image Virtual PBX

Enhanced Professional Image

Look Like One of the Big Guys

With a Hosted PBX system, your small business can enjoy all the advantages of an advanced telecommunications system at a reasonable monthly rate.

VOIP Quick Setup

Quick and Easy Off-Site Setup

Installation Takes Minutes Instead of Days

The Vox-Link Hosted PBX solution can have your business telecommunications system up and running in just a few hours whereas setting up a traditional, premise-based telephone system could take days. And, since installation is done in our data centers, you won’t have the inconvenience of having technicians drilling holes and pulling wires throughout the offices.

Easy Webbased management

Web-based Management

Easy Phone Management System

Vox-Link makes it easy to manage your phone system at any time and from any place. Our intuitive web-based interface system allows you to make any changes in real-time which gives you the flexibility to customize the system to fit your unique needs.